Epocrates Third-Party Sponsorship Policy

Some Epocrates services and content offered through our websites - including epocrates.com - and our mobile applications (collectively, the "Services") is supported by funding from third-party sponsors. This funding allows us to provide certain content at no additional cost to our members. In addition, we believe that third parties have information that is relevant and valuable to clinicians. Therefore, we also provide opportunities for third parties to market their own products and services or distribute their own content to our network through a variety of mechanisms within our Services.

Epocrates takes very seriously the importance of identifying the source of our content to allow our members to distinguish content that is influenced by or associated with third-party sponsors. We categorize content included in the Services as follows:

  1. Content selected and/or developed by our internal Medical Information team ("Epocrates Content"), free from any external influence or association;
  2. Epocrates Content funded by third-party sponsors; and
  3. Content both funded and developed by third-party sponsors.

This Third-Party Sponsorship Policy outlines the requirements for content offered through our Services that is influenced by or associated with a third-party sponsor.

When a third-party sponsor provides funding for Epocrates Content, the sponsor does not participate in or influence the editorial process; the material presented is independently controlled or curated by Epocrates. See the Epocrates Editorial Policy for more information. Third-party support for Epocrates Content will be clearly and unambiguously identified by the text "Funding from."

When a third-party sponsor provides content for distribution within our Services, the Epocrates Medical Information team does not control the creation or selection of this content; the material presented is paid for, developed for, and approved by the sponsor. This content is not subject to the Epocrates Editorial Policy. However, this content must adhere to our requirements (including those below), and it is reviewed by Epocrates for compliance with this Third-Party Sponsorship Policy. All content provided by third-party sponsors will be clearly and unambiguously identified by the text "Provided by" or "Sponsored by" to differentiate it from Epocrates Content within our Services.

Requirements for Content Provided by Third-Party Sponsors
All content provided by third-party sponsors must adhere to the requirements below. Epocrates retains the sole discretion to interpret and enforce this Third-Party Sponsorship Policy and all other issues related to sponsorship within our Services as we see fit. Acceptance of content from a third-party sponsor is not an endorsement of the product and/or services described or of the sponsoring entity. Epocrates retains the right to reject content - or discontinue publishing any previously accepted content - at any time if, in our opinion, the content does not meet these requirements.

The general principles of displaying content within our Services are as follows:

  1. Source-identified. Content provided by a third-party sponsor must be readily distinguishable from Epocrates Content
  2. Appropriately labeled. Titles, headlines, and other identifiers must be consistent with the content provided
  3. Accurate. Content must be based on scientifically accurate, rigorous research and must be resonant with good clinical judgment
  4. Current. Content must be up to date and reflect current practice standards
  5. Unbiased/balanced. Content must be presented fairly and reflect the clinical context appropriately
  6. Relevant. Content should be actionable, practical, and clinically significant to practicing clinicians; content placement must be consistent with relevance
  7. Essential. Content must be necessary for clinicians at the point of care in the inpatient or outpatient setting, and must be limited to a concise format consistent with the workflow of busy clinicians

Content types that we will not accept include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. False, misleading, unsubstantiated, or objectionable content
  2. Content that disparages, discriminates against, or misrepresents an individual or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other status that Epocrates deems inappropriate for delivery to Epocrates members
  3. Content that does not meet our technical or product-related specifications, or that contains any content elements that might potentially detract from the clinician's workflow or ease of use of the Epocrates Services
  4. Mechanisms that capture Epocrates user data, either overtly or surreptitiously by mimicking computer functions
  5. Contests or other offers that entice the reader to disclose personal identifying information either unwittingly or by baiting

The sponsor is responsible for complying with all US and foreign laws and regulations, including current FDA guidelines for Direct to Physician (DTP) promotion. Epocrates is not responsible for monitoring compliance with laws but may refuse or remove content provided by a third-party sponsor that we deem to be violating known laws and/or regulations.

Epocrates may reject, cancel, or remove content from our Services at any time. In this event, we will provide written notice to the sponsor including our reasoning for the rejection, cancelation, or removal.

Please note that Epocrates Content or content provided by third-party sponsors that has been selected, developed or approved prior to the "Last Updated" date below may be identified differently than as set forth in this Third-Party Sponsorship Policy. Additionally, Epocrates reserves the right to make exceptions to this Third-Party Sponsorship Policy, in its sole discretion, as necessary to conduct its business.

This Third-Party Sponsorship Policy is subject to change at any time. If we make any changes to this Third-Party Sponsorship Policy, we will change the "Last Updated" date below.

Last Updated: March 3, 2014